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editorial of january, 2020

Dear friends,

Six months ago when I wrote the previous editorial, I could not imagine how our lives were going to be turned upside down by the Covid 19 epidemic ... and it may not be over !

My forecast for a "quiet" year turns out to be correct, but for the reasons that motivated me ! The Covid 19 has blocked everything and not only in the small philatelic world. Since the beginning of March, all the demonstrations have been canceled or postponed to better times, starting with our general assembly which, if all go well, should be held in November. Given the circumstances ; we are moving at short sight and so are our projects !

That said, during the confinement, we could not meet but we remained present on our Facebook page. About fifty publications have occupied you every day on very diverse topics. For latecomers these publications are still available at the following address :

After reading do not forget to "like" (click on "like"), this action allows us to count the people who liked our publications. Thanks to the deconfinement in June we ensured a permanence (in the respect of the sanitary rules and the social distancing) to allow some of our members to come to collect their stamps and their material for the greatest happiness of our persons in charge of the innovations and equipment as well as that of our treasurer !

I still have 2 wishes to make for this second semester. The first is that you remain cautious and in good health to achieve the second : to find yourself in good shape from the September meeting.

Have a nice summer.
Yours, sincerly
B. Melin

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