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Editorial of the 01 january 2022

Dear friends

For the associative world it is still a complicated year that ends, and our association does not derogate from the rule.

After a first half semester and the summer vacation period, it was only until September that we were able to really resume our activities. A meeting in June allowed us to make a point to find that the timing of national events was focused on the period September-October-November.

Our monthly meetings since June bring gather about fifteen participants (I do not count those who come for their reservations and leave ...) versus 25 to 30 before the period of COVID. I can understand the reluctance of some to move in this period when the virus seems very active again. To each to respect others and shielding measures.

Being of an optimistic natural, I posted on our website the calendar of our meetings for 2022, wishing that we can hold them and share the knowledge of some as in our last two meetings (thanks, once again to Boris, 10 years, who shared his collection of the "Marianne de la Liberté").

Some competitors have brought up the colors of the A.P.S. in regional, national and international exhibitions. You can discover the different listings on our website:

This sad period may have any point for some to proceed to work on your collection and update it or mount a presentation that you will share with your colleagues in some time...

May this winter and festive break helps us to prepare a jubilant new year.

I join my colleagues from the Board of Directors to wish you a good peaceful end of the year. Keep your good mood and especially take care of yourself!

See you in 2022 ...

Your President.

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