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1959 - 1966 : Amédée JOBERT

18 January 1959 Amédée JOBERT, well known to the 70 Society’s members, which he joined in 1945, succeed DAUVISSAT. A new period of popularization of philately started. Through talks, JOBERT seeks to make collectors of the moment, true philatelists, and of varieties researchers, for differences on the stamps and postmarks. He hopes that others to, do discoveries, and find other facets of modern philately. With him, for 7 years, the different services created by DAUVISSAT, have taken their current form. He succeed, where his predecessors failed, in 1948 by implementing a Stamp Active Day 27 - 28 March 1965 in the former community center, Hugues PLOMB place, a premiere, opening the way for many others. In October 1966, his professional duties did not allow him to assume no longer, as he expected, his President role, JOBERT resigned.

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