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1966 - 1974 : Marcel GARY

Amédée JOBERT is replaced by Mr. Marcel GARY

Amédée JOBERT was replaced by Marcel GARY, who, since 1960 was very active in the life of the Society. A new form of activity began with him. From 9 October 1966, when he was appointed as president of the SPS, his training as a teacher allowed him to complete the development of the workforce of 140 active members. An unprecedented effort to recruit adults and youth was undertaken. His high philatelic culture, dynamism and enthusiasm were contagious. Everyone greatly benefited from his efforts and its relationship to the world of collectors.

In 1965, to renew the genre, and especially to remain open to occurring changes, he invited prominent speakers in Epernay to allow Sparnacians to discover modern philately. One of them, de Lizeray, can say during the 1967General Assembly: "Before long Gary has provided a dramatic renewal of the Society," and a month later wrote: "I followed with a great interest the beautiful action taken by Gary in Epernay, for the renovation of stamp life in your area ... the heart and the working capacity of the steering committee and the President of the SPS seem to me as having raised mountains". What a praise!

This renovation began December 1966 by the publication of a newsletter and the establishment of monthly meetings, not only devoted to trade, but focusing on philatelic culture, also conferences embellished with slides, presentations of works, were followed by an increasing number of members.

Listing all actions taken by GARY would be a challenge, and the risk of forgetting something too large to attempt to do so. However let us remind, some dates: Stamp Day in 1968, 1970 and 1974. In 1968, the 70th anniversary of the SPS. On April 1972, he organized the conference of French Philatelic Club. June 1973, exhibition at the Salon International de la rose

Meanwhile, he prepared and carried out the revision of the statutes and their implementation in alignment with the regulations. For its 280 members, on 29th November 1972 S.P.S. has become, "Sparnacian Philatelic Association" (APS). Thgis is well deserved that, such an activity to the service of philatelists and philately was rewarded with the Biscara’s tablet, awarded to Gary, at the National Congress of Grenoble, 30 May 1971.

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