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1977 - 1998 : Pierre BILLON

P. Billon Elected as president of the Association 22 November 1977, Pierre Billon, who joined the SPS 12 March 1967, tried with some success, to keep the Society at the level reached before him, and, taking into account its rich past, tried to do better. Because this former time requires all current and future leaders, to ensure that APS always do better and continue at the highest level the work begun 100 years ago.

Billon, wil attached to Regional, Young collectors, National and Federal external relationships. He was responsible for contacts with EPERNAY’s twin cities associations, namely ETTLINGEN and MIDDELKERKE. We retain some dates of the most significant philatelic events of the past 20 years:

• 3 – 5 Novembre 1976, 25th anniversary of the Twinning Ettlingen/Epernay, in Ettlingen

• 21 – 22 April 1979, Regional Congress of the GPCA, the first in Epernay and celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Association

• 24 – 25 June1983, 30th anniversary of the twinning-Ettlingen/Epernay in Epernay

• 16 - 17 April 1988, 15th Regional Congress of the GPCA, in conjunction with the 90th anniversary of the APS, and the twinning of GPCA with the German region of Mittelrhein

• 31 March and 1 April 1990 Regional Congress of G.P.C.A. without exposure (to replace at short notice, Chateau Thierry)

• 23 – 14 May 1991, first local exhibition in Epernay, which will named "Sparnacian Philatelic Spring" over the years.

• 15 – 16 May 1993, 40th anniversary of the twinning Epernay/Ettlingen.

• 18 – 19 October 1997, 24th Congress of the Regional GPCA, Stamp Days in 1982, 1986, 1990, 1994. and finally in 1998 the centenary of our association.

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