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Edito 03-01-2023

Edito 03-01-2023

Dear friends,
2022 ends with mixed results. The relative end of the pandemic has allowed us to resume the rhythm of our monthly meetings, but with a smaller audience before covid. Is it reluctance or health awareness? I hope that, in 2023, we will see a larger presence, especially as we continue to give you talks/conferences whenever possible.
2023 will be marked by two events for our association:
Created in 1898, our association will celebrate its 125 years of existence!
In order to safeguard our "heritage", the Board of directors has decided to deposit the archives of the A.P.S. in the municipal archives. Our documents will be stored and safeguarded according to the standards in force and will remain accessible for consultation.
On October 14 and 15 we are organising Marcophilex XLVII in conjunction with the Union Marcophile. The 2012 Sparnacian edition left excellent memories for everyone. Let’s hope that the 2023 edition will be of the same level! The main theme will be air rallies and more broadly airmail. A place will be dedicated to Captain Deullin, Ace of the Great War, whose death we will commemorate on the centenary of his death.
Until then, I join the members of the Board of Directors in wishing you an excellent year 2023 and the pleasure of seeing many of you at our monthly meetings.

B. Melin

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