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The editorial of july 2016

While our passion sinks gently into a devastating gloom, our association remains full of dynamism, and not only in its intentions or great lyrical surges ... No doubt it disturbs, but we can be proud to have adherents who are mobilizing in the four corners of the world, without failing to represent Epernay.

One often argues the development of the leisure offer to explain the decline of philately.

At the time of the launch of Pokémon GO, our association counts 5 young philatelists (except school group). Do you think it is possible to fight against a game phenomenon ? Certainly not, but to propose a complementary activity, yes. The society changes and we have to adapt, to welcome and to take along.

These five young people are no different from others, and philately is one of their activities. Thanks to all of you, your support, your gifts, your encouragement, the support of our city, we are fortunate to have a very active section. Thus, four of them have participated in the regional exhibition of Reims !

But this is not an epiphenomenon. Over the past ten years our young members have participated in 18 national and international exhibitions. If today Tanguy is the standard bearer of our association, yesterday it was Jean and Frederic, tomorrow will be Boris, Gaël, Eloise, Nathanael and others.

If youth can be the pride of our association, adults are not left behind. 13 of you participated or regularly participate at national and international level (17.5% of the current workforce).

So, it is easy to read or hear that it is easy for Epernay ... But in reality you are at the origin of these exceptional results, which are not the result of chance. For many years, the APS has been one of the places of convivial philatelic meetings where the sharing of knowledge is not a vain word. You and the board of directors know how to welcome speakers, friends and enthusiasts.

Congratulations to all of you, members and friends of the philately of Epernay.

We have just over 18 months to prepare for our association’s 120th anniversary. From now on, I invite you to prepare a few pages to present to all your passion and your favorites.

Philately sparkles, and will still sparkle thanks all of you "normal" will say the most relevant for the capital of Champagne !


APS Youth and Exhibitors Leader

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