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Spring Exhibition

IMPORTANT INFORMATION The A.P.S. is not the organizer of the Spring Exhibition. For any (...)

You can purchase the souvenir published by our Association for the Spring Salon. All visuals (...)

View on the stands: Board of the CNEP : Stand of the APS and the Exhibition: Inauguration (...)

seen on billboards:

in Infophil of April

Press release: l’Hebdo du vendredi L’Hebdo du vendredi speaks about the Spring Exhibition in (...)

You can find my jewelry made with stamps at the Spring Exhibition in Epernay from April 13 to (...)

Penned by Monika Nowacka, the blog of the Association of Art of Engraved Stamps dedicates a (...)

Some members of the Association of Art of Engraved Stamps will be present in Epernay at the (...)


Phil@poste introduced us the "philatelic souvenir" to be sold by the Post Office in during the (...)

April 15th, 1912 will remain a memorable date: R.M.S. TITANIC, operatd by the White Star Line (...)

Press folder of the 2012 Spring Exhibition Edited by ’La Poste", CNEP and (...)

Created by Sophie BEAUJARD

Next first issues of stamps of TAAF will be in Epernay Not less than two issues will be on (...)

Visual stamp of EPERNAY Phil@poste information © La Poste - 2012 CREATION AND ENGRAVING: (...)

A view of the LISA thumbnail Phil@poste information SpringPhilatelic Exhibition 2012 in (...)

more information on our website or ATG blog (...)

Spring exhibition announcement program (forecast): 40 stands of specialized dealers (...)

Spring Exhibition will hold at the exhibition center "Le Millesium" 1, rue Jean Bagnost - (...)
Coming by train Where you come from, you will find all the schedules on: (...)
Mouveo : buses in Epernay Bus station in Duchatel street in Epernay (next to the train (...)
Where to stay: hotels in Epernay List (not exhaustive) of hotels in Epernay: Hôtel “ LA (...)

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